New for 2017!

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Lots of exciting new things in-the-works for 2017!

My newest sketch show/one-act play is going up at the UCB on January 12th. (Hopefully with more performances next month!) It’s called ALL IN FAVOR; a Meeting of the Beulah, North Dakota Town Council. If you like the minutia of small town politics in middle American, then you’ll love this show!

Expect new web videos later this month and early next. (Including video of a live performance of all new characters!)

In February, I’ll be coming to LA to perform my solo show, MILP: Moms I’d Like to Portray. MILP enjoyed a successful nine-month run at UCB NY. I’m excited to perform it again for the West Coast set. And that same week, Rumpleteaser- Musical Improv will be performing their celebrated improvised musical, also at UCB LA. Rumpleteaser is continuing its run in the NY Cagematch finals with a show January 19th. Tickets are not on sale yet for the LA shows, but check back soon!

Also new for 2017, I’m directing the Maude team CHOIR for their January and February shows. And I’ve signed on to direct the workshop of a new rock musical currently in development. Stay tuned for more info on that as well!