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Updates for September

The end of summer has been busy with lots of travel and visiting family. But there's also been some fun work stuff going on! Here's an update! July saw the final performance of All in Favor; a Meeting of the Beulah, North Dakota Town Council, a one-act sketch show that ran at UCB since the end of last year. We are taking the show out to LA for one night only this fall. (Save the date- Tuesday, October 10th, 9:30PM at UCB Franklin.) Last month I shot several new projects- a short sketch I wrote and star in- (coming soon,) and a pilot presentation created by Dave Ebert, Davram Stieffler and Drew Freed, and directed by the great Jared Lapidus. I've had several more pieces featured by Funny or Die. And last…
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Spring/Summer 2017

It's been a busy few months! Here's an update! After several months as a must-join, I recently joined SAG-AFTRA for a role on HBO's Divorce. It's a show I've enjoyed watching so I was very happy to be a part of the second season. And the shoot was lots of fun! I had a couple more pieces featured on Funny or Die. Here they are: What Did the President Know and When Did He Know It; A timeline, and A Fox News Vacation Guide. In addition to that, I directed a new musical reading, and a sketch show at UCB, (Maude Night- for those of you who know what that is.) I also did a couple SAG voiceover gigs and a branded content gig for Schick. And I went to…
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For Maya is now online- and a Vimeo Staff Pick!

My 2016 short film For Maya, directed by Alex Fischer, which I co-wrote and co-star in with Kassia Miller, is finally up online for all to see! For Maya was an official selection of the HollyShorts Film Festival, the Nitehawk Film Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival Shorts and the High Falls International Film Festival. And now it's a Vimeo Staff Pick! And you can watch it in its entirety on Vimeo:   For Maya from Alex H Fischer on Vimeo.
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“How to Fan” a new series on The Kicker

I'm the host of this new series on The Kicker, (by Above Average.) It's called "How to Fan" and it teaches you everything you need to know about being a sports fan, like how to become a losing meme! These were written by Zack Phillips and directed by Adam Sacks. (Two very fun people.) Watch:
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NEW UCB SHOW: All in Favor; a Meeting of the Beulah, North Dakota Town Council

My new show begins its run at UCB this month! Come see ALL IN FAVOR, (description below.) I wrote this for the actors of my old UCB team One Idiot and it's a lot of fun to be working with them again. It's a sketch show and a farce and an all-around good time. Municipal operations! Sweetheart deals! And of course, Dairy Queen!  Sick of Washington politics? Head on down to Main Street, USA why don'tcha? The town council will vote on activities for the Annual Winter Fair and debate whether books are important!  A one-act farce about the minutiae of small town politics, (brought to you by the Monsanto Corporation.)  Directed by Leslie Meisel. Written by Carrie McCrossen. Starring Caroline Cotter, David Ebert, Claire Epstein, Drew Freed, Carrie McCrossen,…
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