Summer 2019 News!

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My biggest news is that after years of playing a mom on TV, I finally became one. (Hopefully all the extensive research I did to play a mom in commercials will pay off when I’m raising my son.)

But there’s more news!

In June, Ian and I were tapped to write another feature for Lifetime/Reel One. We’re working hard to get our final draft in by the end of July!

My YA novel/TV project (also co-written with Ian McWethy,) is in development with Temple Hill Productions. We hope to finalize the book proposal by the end of July. And then who knows!

In July I traveled back to Salt Lake City, UT to shoot a snack food commercial. (First time on-camera after having a baby was daunting. But it ended up being a lot of fun!)

Coming soon! You’ll be able to catch me on Season 2/3 of BYU TV’s Show-Offs, (a musical improv show filmed before a live studio audience and hosted by the wonderful Casey Jost.) Filming this was one of my favorite all-time experiences. It’s a super fun show with an amazing cast. Check back for updates!