Cinestory TV Fellowship: Comedy Division Winner!

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Thrilled to announce that my pilot Co-Op is the Comedy Division Winner for the 2019 Cinestory TV Retreat and Fellowship!

Co-Op is a comedy based on the very real Park Slope Food Co-Op, a member-owned grocery cooperative in Brooklyn known for its great cheese prices and its liberal ideals. Members from all different backgrounds, income levels and- believe it or not- political parties, (they have Republicans there!) have to work together in order to shop together. A show that examines the values and limitations of democracy and asks, how much will you put up with for some cheap cashews?

The Cinestory Foundation is a great nonprofit organization that nurtures screenwriters. For any writers out there, I highly recommend submitting your scripts to their fellowship!

I’ll be attending the 2019 TV Retreat in March and I can’t wait!