Updates for September

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The end of summer has been busy with lots of travel and visiting family. But there’s also been some fun work stuff going on! Here’s an update!

July saw the final performance of All in Favor; a Meeting of the Beulah, North Dakota Town Council, a one-act sketch show that ran at UCB since the end of last year. We are taking the show out to LA for one night only this fall. (Save the date- Tuesday, October 10th, 9:30PM at UCB Franklin.)

Last month I shot several new projects- a short sketch I wrote and star in- (coming soon,) and a pilot presentation created by Dave Ebert, Davram Stieffler and Drew Freed, and directed by the great Jared Lapidus.

I’ve had several more pieces featured by Funny or Die. And last week they again featured my web series Do This Now with Kristen Acimovic (and directed by Casey Jost.) If you haven’t seen it, it’s very silly and you can catch up here!

My ten-minute play I Do, You Die, (which, if I’m being honest, is a terrible title,) continues to generate interest. This fall, it will be performed at the Lima New Stage festival in Lima, Peru, (it’s being translated into Spanish,) and at a school in Iowa.

I recently completed a short play for the youth market with my husband, Ian McWethy. The play is titled: This is Your Brain on Social Media. (And that is a title I don’t think is terrible.)

I was missing being in class, so this summer I took another great class with Bob Krakower and I’ve gone back to the miracle worker Bruce Kolb, (my longtime friend and voice teacher.)

I continue to perform every Friday night with my improv team Bucky, (7:30PM at the UCB East.) And once a month, my musical improv team Rumpleteaser performs. (Check the calendar page for show times. I promise to update it more regularly than I did this summer.)

Lot of new stuff is coming this fall so stay tuned for updates!