Come to my solo show at UCB?

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We’re now one month into the run of my solo show and the last two performances were SOLD OUT!

M.I.L.P: Moms I’d Like to Portray

Did you know that Mom roles make up 98.4% of all non-porn roles for women in TV, film, and new media? Whoa mama!¬†Actress Carrie McCrossen is not a mom, but she’d like to play one on TV.¬†Come watch as Carrie gets her mother-loving chance to play all the mom roles of her dreams in MILP, a sketch show that celebrates Hollywood’s depiction of women and motherhood. (Not real motherhood- that’s thankless and you can’t get an Emmy for it.)

Upcoming shows: JUNE 15TH at 9:30PM, JULY 20TH at 8:00PM, and JULY 27TH at 9:30PM!

UCB Sketch and Characters students, this show is free with your student ID


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